September Menu Planning

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September Menu Planning

Ahh…. we’re getting back in the saddle around here. I took a break from menu planning and just winged it for a few months… not a good idea but I was burnt out on many things. So here we are, already day 4 of September! How did that ever happen? Our youngest will be 7 months old in just 10 days. He’s becoming such a big boy, sitting up, trying to crawl, wants to devour anything and everything in sight and he weights a whopping 21.8 lbs. One definitely gets a workout carrying him around! :-)

And that ^ was a total rabbit trail… :-) Anyway, we figured out our monthly food budget really needs to be at $400 a month for the 7 of us if we want to keep a good dose of fresh produce in our diet so we raised our food budget. Less stress on me to try and squeeze everything into the $300 a month that we were aiming for. We are also now shopping every 2 weeks instead of once a month. It has been working well for the last couple months and it’s been a little easier to manage.

The numbers with the “PP” next to them on the menu are Weight Watcher’s Plus Points. All the recipes will be coming from Relish! and if you would like to have access to them all or would like help with your meal planning, Relish! is currently offering a promo code for all Practical Savings readers! Just head to Relish!, pick your plan and use promo code PRACTICALSAVINGS to save 15%!!! If you want to know more about Relish!, you can check out the review I did for them by going here. I loved it so much that I bought a subscription after my trial period ended! :-)

So without further ado, here is my menu plan for this month. Click the image for a larger view. :-) Oh yes, I do know that the first 6 days of Sept. have nothing planned. I figured I wouldn’t bother filling those in since today is the 4th. Instead, I planned for after our shopping trip (Friday) and up to the first shopping trip in Oct. :-)

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