Your Real Food Journey {A Book Review}

Your Real Food Journey Book Review

Before I get started, I need to tell you that while I was given a free .pdf version of Trina’s book, “Your Real Food Journey”, all opinions are my own and I was not compensated for this review.

If you were to answer a survey question of if you eat healthy, what would your answer be? Several years ago, I would have made a resounding yes, of course we eat healthy! That is, until I started learning about what real food really is compared to what we were eating. I suddenly wanted to change everything in our cupboards. And I did.

I grabbed boxes and bags and went through our cupboards eliminating anything and everything that wouldn’t be classified as real food. I started cooking differently, healthier meals. I stopped buying our typical processed products like crackers, candy, breaded foods and pastries.


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In the Kitchen

Stuffed Burger 08

Sweet & Spicy Stuffed Burgers

If you follow my blog, you know by now that I work with Good Cook quite often. They send products to several of us bloggers, we test them out, make a recipe and give feedback. I love kitchen products and I already loved the Good Cook products I owned long before even being a blogger… 

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Try this incredibly easy, one pot pasta dish.

The One Pot Pasta Dish

Nothing beats a simple, easy meal. We’re a family of 7 and when you have to wash a plate, fork and cup for each person but then add on top of that all the dishes from making a meal, well, simple is good! I love slow cooker dishes but I also love one pot meals…. 

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Crafts & Homemade Gifts

Our Sponsor: SillyMamaQuilts

Do you quilt? Quilting seems to be one of those lost arts of homemaking. I think if you were to poll a wide range of women, you’d find that only a very small percentage actually know how to quilt. I’m afraid I fall into the majority… while I’d love to learn (and do hope to… 

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Magazine Christmas Trees

I love this! What a great way to reuse old magazines!

Frugal Tips

Want to know some of the benefits of couponing and a stockpile?

The Benefits of Couponing and a Stockpile

An Update: The below was written a few years ago and while much of it is still true, we have since changed the way we eat and live. I no longer stockpile and only coupon minimally. Do I believe it was a waste of time before? No. I learned a lot from my couponing years…. 

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