How to Preserve Pumpkin

How to Puree and Freeze Pumpkin

I have updated this post and am republishing it as it seems to be a favorite among Practical Savings readers. Plus, we’re right in the middle of pumpkin season which is a great time to pick up extra pumpkins and preserve them. Enjoy!

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In the Kitchen

How to make flower pot cakes. These make the perfect dessert for a lawn or garden party.

How to Make Flower Pot Cakes

Last month I made the Strawberry Lemon Cake Bowls using a special pan from Good Cook but I also wanted to make something fun for the kids. After thinking about it, I decided the Bake-A-Bowl pan would be perfect for making little flower pot cakes so I picked up a boxed cake mix, gummy treats… 

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Summer grill favorites. Sweet & Spicy Stuffed Burgers.

Sweet & Spicy Stuffed Burgers

If you follow my blog, you know by now that I work with Good Cook quite often. They send products to several of us bloggers, we test them out, make a recipe and give feedback. I love kitchen products and I already loved the Good Cook products I owned long before even being a blogger… 

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Crafts & Homemade Gifts

Our Sponsor: SillyMamaQuilts

Do you quilt? Quilting seems to be one of those lost arts of homemaking. I think if you were to poll a wide range of women, you’d find that only a very small percentage actually know how to quilt. I’m afraid I fall into the majority… while I’d love to learn (and do hope to… 

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How To Tuesday: Sewing Bible Covers

Let me start off with saying this is *not* a tutorial for making your own Bible/book cover. I’m just sharing the resource I used and the pictures of how mine turned out. I had snagged a free (at the time – it’s now $1.99) ebook on Amazon calledĀ Homemade Christmas Gifts. While browsing through the book,… 

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Frugal Tips

{Printable} Produce Seasons

One of the popular, money-saving tips on buying produce is to buy it when in season. The problem is, our stores offer produce year around. Yes, you can watch prices to see when it’s cheaper but I thought having a printable sheet would be helpful for me, especially with canning and knowing what is going… 

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Cutting Curriculum Costs: PaperBackSwap

A couple weeks ago I posted about Cutting Curriculum Costs and listed several options that can be helpful in reducing the costs of curriculum. I thought I would go a bit more into what resources we use to cut costs for our curriculum. PaperBackSwap is one of the first online sites I go to once… 

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