Zaycon is Coming to the NW Tonight!!!!

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Thanks to my friend Jenny over at PennyPincherJenny.  If you have Zaycon in or possibly near your area you will want to check this out!!

 I am so excited that Zaycon is rolling into town again!! Starting TONIGHT (January 4th at 5pm Mountain) they will allow ordering to begin and will also announce the dates/times/and locations for pick up then as well!! These events sell out fast!! Last time it took awhile to order but Zaycon worked extremely hard to get their servers to keep up and orders were accepted!!

The details of the event Chicken breast for ONLY $1.69!!!!!   100 % natural chicken with no added hormones, additives or artificial ingredients that beats any other chicken breast hands down that I have ever tried!!!  Be sure to sign up for your account now today so when the ordering begins you will get through fast as you will just have to sign in.

The chicken comes in a 40lb case as “sets” of chicken breast.   I divide mine out into Ziploc bags to freeze amounts to make meals.  I often just grab a couple bags and preboil the meat for a weeks worth of meals in the crockpot and freeze the cooked meats.  These breasts are STELLAR on a bbq as well!!!

More events will roll out all summer so be sure to sign up now so you can get the e-mails!!!

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