Sewing Cloth Balls

I wanted to post this back around Christmas time but it was just too crazy. This last year, I decided to focus on making most of our gifts. We had decided to just do a few gifts anyway since our children receive gifts from their grandparents.

Our little man, being just 17 months old at the time, I thought it would be fun to make some soft balls for him to throw. They would do less damage to our surroundings. lol After some searching, I came across Grand Revival Designs. Her design was exactly what I was looking for.

Now, I’m no seamstress. I’ve done very, very, very little sewing in my years but what I have done, I’ve enjoyed. This ball is very simple to make and very cheap. Our son loves them (he saw me making them one evening and wanted them so bad – this was a couple of days before Christmas). I added a fairly large bell to the center of the stuffing inside to give it the jingle effect. It worked well and all our kids enjoy making them jingle. lol

If you would like to try to make one, go to Grand Revival Design’s site, scroll down until you see ‘Free Grand Revival Patterns‘ on the lower right side. Once there, click on the ball and it will take you to a .PDF format of the pattern that you can print. :)

I had intended to use 3 different color/patterns but I couldn’t find a third one to work and I just wanted to get started so two patterns it was. I made two different balls (as pictured above). After making the first one, I thought it would be fun to add the tabs. They make it easier to hold on to and our little man loves to feel the texture on some of them.

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