Organizing: Kitchen Cupboards Part 1

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Organizing the Kitchen -

I love organizing. Unfortunately, most of my house is still undergoing that process but once I find something that truly works for us, I love it.

We had tried several ways of organizing the kitchen cupboards and they just didn’t work. We tried inventory lists for each shelf but the upkeep of that was a pain and we failed to check things off and update the list after a few weeks. I tried baskets and those just ended up cluttered and I couldn’t remember what I stuck in where after a while.

Finally… after years of living here, we finally found a system that even my husband loves. Half gallon jars. They are AMAZING! I also use quart and pint size as needed and you can’t forget the label maker! I label everything now. Yes, my labeling addiction is almost as bad as my coffee one. lol

The reason why I even tried jars was because I had so many left over from canning. I needed help in my kitchen and I needed a place for the all the jars. It was a win win situation and I didn’t have to spend much. Plus, if I decide not to buy a product again, I can just reuse that jar when canning season comes around.

The benefits of a glass jar:

  • No BPA that is in some plastics (if that concerns you)
  • Visibility – You can see what they contain so
  • Space Saver! They fit nicely together without the bulk of odd shapes or the latch lids on canisters (yes, tried those too)
  • Time Saver – Yes! I can’t tell you how nice and easy it is to go to my cupboards and find what I need without digging through everything
  • Size – Half gallon are awesome but you can use smaller sizes and still keep a uniformed, space saving system
  • Pretty airtight!

The cons of glass:

  • They’re breakable. However, we have yet to break one.

That being said, welcome to my kitchen… cupboards. :-)

organizing the kitchen -

As you can see, when I took these pictures, I was still in the process of switching out the latch lid canisters. They were nice but were not nearly as good at saving space like the half gallon jars.

organizing the kitchen -

organize the kitchen -

organize the kitchen -

organize the kitchen -

This is our “breakfast” shelf. We eat a lot of oatmeal around here and this is the shelf where we keep all the things we use in oatmeal (minus the coconut oil). Raisins are in the far right corner behind the oil.

My cupboards don’t *always* look so neat. If I buy something special, I might just stick it on the shelf until we use it but now it’s so much easier to clean, remove the clutter and find items. They never get as messy as they used to and being able to clean them quickly, just another time saver.

What system works for you? We’re all different and our kitchens are different so I would love to see how you organize yours.

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