Monday Menu Planning (link-up)

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Welcome to Monday Menu Planning!!! (link-up) I’m excited to start having a weekly link-up for meal planning. Meal planning is one great way to save money on your grocery budget. When you start planning meals around sales and coupons or even just planning meals period, it reduces your grocery budget and cuts out that daily stressful question of “What’s for dinner tonight.”

As a mother of 4 little ones, homeschooling, housework, blogging and just life, the last thing I want to do is start figuring out dinner at 4:30 when we eat at 5:00. Talk about stressful! lol So, I came up with a meal plan for the month of February and I thought I would share it with you (I’m only sharing this week today). I did not base these meals off of sales but off of what we already had and what we enjoy. I will start working more with the sales later but I just wanted to get back into meal planning. So here we are in the last full week of February and this is what we’re eating this week:


  • Monday ~ Muffins / Fruit
  • Tuesday ~ Oatmeal / Fruit
  • Wednesday ~ Granola / Fruit
  • Thursday ~ Oatmeal / Fruit
  • Friday ~ Muffins / Fruit
  • Saturday ~ Eggs, Bacon, Tater Tots
  • Sunday ~ Yogurt / Fruit


  • Monday ~ Quesadillas / Carrots
  • Tuesday ~ Bean Burritos / Yogurt
  • Wednesday ~ Sandwich / Celery
  • Thursday ~ Bean Burritos / Yogurt
  • Friday ~ Quesadillas / Carrots
  • Saturday ~ Left overs
  • Sunday ~ Left overs


  • Monday ~ Tacos
  • Tuesday ~ Tacos
  • Wednesday ~ Beef Stew / salad
  • Thursday ~ Spaghetti / bread / salad
  • Friday ~ Pizza / salad
  • Saturday ~ Chicken Enchiladas
  • Sunday ~ Left overs

Do you have a meal plan for this week? Feel free to link up below! :)

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