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Kidecals - labels for fun and organizing

I’ve mentioned a few times that I love labeling things. I label bins in the medicine cabinet, I label the jars in my kitchen and of course I label shelves and bins for school. I have to label or I forget what is what. That’s when you start buying things you really don’t need because guess what?!?! You already have it! I can’t tell you how many times I went out and bought something I already had because it wasn’t organized or labeled. Those kind of purchases can add up.

I use a great little label maker for many of my labels, however, it doesn’t make cute or fun or creative labels (beyond just a couple outer designs that it includes). Sometimes, you just want to add a little creativity to your organization. You want that jar or bin to look cute or fun. The white strip label doesn’t exactly accomplish that. So when KiDecals asked for a review, I browsed their site before making a decision. Then it hit me… the DIY labels… eeek. They carried the Chalkboard Labels. That’s when I knew. :-) Yes, fun and cute organizing stuff makes me happy. lol

First, I love the set up of KiDecals. I love bright colors and that’s the first thing you see when you visit their site. That is me and I love it (and their shipping envelopes match!) I found the navigation very easy and was impressed by quantity of labels they offer.

We didn’t get some projects finished that I was hoping to use some of the labels on but I will show you two of my favorite spots where I’m using them… :-)

organize with kidecals

Aprons. I have my aprons (and the kids’ aprons) hanging on the side of the fridge. They’re in reach, easily accessible and now when they are all in use, everyone knows that those two hooks are for aprons and not… hats or coats! :-) The labels stick well to the fridge and now I just have to re-learn writing with chalk! :-)


And this? Need I say more? Coffee! My little coffee spot (well, and my husband’s too… he drinks the decaf). Maybe it’s just me but I’m so loving these labels and the whole chalk look that if this wasn’t already my favorite corner in the house, it definitely would be now! And… there will be no mistaking the regular coffee for decaf!

I love the sizes of the labels. The chalkboard came with large (which were bigger than I realized) and small. They seem very durable and they are definitely sturdy. I’m looking forward to displaying chalkboard labels all over the house to help with organization and giving it that added fun look! Once we have some of our other projects finished, I’ll be showing you where I’m using the rest of the labels.

Ready for some label organization? Or how about some Back-to-School organization? Be sure to check out KiDecals’ website and connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or Google+!

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