February Monthly Menu Planning

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We made it through January (well, almost) and now it’s time for the February menu plan to be ready. I started working on this a couple weeks ago but with all 6 of us sick and the baby soon arrival, it just didn’t happen as quick as January’s planning did. We’ve been wanting to get back to Weight Watchers meals as soon as this baby was born so all of February’s meals are from my Weight Watchers’ cookbook (with the except of the Friday night pizza). 😀

Why am I planning a full month of meals? We are a growing family but I am trying to stick to a bare minimum grocery budget of $300 a month for us while still trying to eat healthy and not live on beans and rice. That means I have to take some time to plan. I’m sticking to 14 meals or less a month and just repeating them. It’s not only easier to have fewer meals to plan, but also cheaper. We can buy in bulk and get a better price than buying a ton of different ingredients for 30 meals.

I typically shop at WinCo, Cash & Carry and Schwans for our food.

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  1. says

    As a mommy of 8 with another on the way and a food budget of only $500 a month, I can totally understand. Our savior for buying food has been Azure Standard. You should check them out for bulk goodies that are cheaper than stores!

    • says

      I don’t know why I forgot to mention that I buy from Azure as well. Can we blame it on pregnancy brain? lol I’ve been buying our bulk fruit through them for the last few months but I’d be curious to know what you like to get? I’m still learning about what all they have to offer.

  2. Kandi says

    I need to get back on track of doing a menu. We do monthly grocery shopping now because we live 45-1hour away from the closest store with GF foods. I need to find a coop around here. It really does help save!


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