February Grocery Budget Tally

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I’m going to give February a bit ol’ stamp of “Failed”. It was such a crazy month with false labors, the real thing, 12 days past due date, sickness, meals from friends and family, etc. that I didn’t do even a halfway decent job of keeping track of our food. We had gone out on the 1st of Feb and bought our groceries. We stayed under budget at that time but during the month we ended up eating out more than normal thanks to being really overly tired and such.

So I decided that instead of looking back and feeling discouraged, we’re going to move forward and forget about Feb. We’re going to start fresh once again now that life has settled down a bit and we’re slowing getting into a routine. There are times when you just have to do that… not worry about the past because it’s done and over with but move on for the future. :-)

How about you? Was your February budget a fail or pass?

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