DIY Frugal Aprons with Tea Party Ribbons

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Plain aprons made pretty

Last year I was attempting to do all handmade/homemade gifts for the family so I was searching for all kinds of goodies on Amazon. In the process, I ran across these inexpensive aprons. They’re plain, black aprons. My original idea was to maybe have the kids do hand prints on them like we did with the tshirts but the aprons would take about a month to get here and we were already into the month of December so I figured I would save them for this year.


It was almost like Christmas when the package from Tea Party Ribbons came. I had so much fun taking all the ribbon out of the box and my kids were ooh’ing and aah’ing over everything. Tea Party Ribbons sent so many goodies to try…

like their Grosgrain (solids and prints), some Sheers, Satin and I’m in love with that Offray Love Knot (the real wide pink one on the right side). When I was thinking about and looking for some projects to use the ribbon, I ran across the plain, black aprons. Now plain and black would work for a guy but us girls usually like our aprons to be a little more cute, right? So I thought I would take some of the ribbon and add it to the aprons, giving them a bit more fun look.


For the first one, I picked the black with white polka-dot grosgrain ribbon and I had some white lace ribbon on hand too. I had some other embellishments on hand but decided they didn’t look quite right.


I first added the white lace ribbon, pinned it in place and sewed it on. Nothing special. I didn’t have to over lap it since it already had a ruffled look. If you are adding two ribbons, you’ll want the bottom ribbon down a little ways from the top edge of your apron. At the bottom, just add it to the edge but make sure it’s not too close, thus making it weak.

Next, I took the black and white polka-dot grosgrain ribbon and overlapped it as I pinned it on which created a more ruffled look. After a few more than a few pokes from the pins, I sewed the strip of ribbon on.


Now since these aprons have pockets and the pockets are sewn right down the middle, I will have to sew the ribbons on the pockets by hand and I haven’t been able to complete that part yet.


One Christmas present is just about done. :-) I’ll show you the other apron (also using Tea Party Ribbons) once it’s done, plus I have a few more projects in mind that I can’t wait to do and show you. In the mean time, check out Tea Party Ribbons’ website, connect with them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!

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