Cash & Carry Smart Foodservice 11/19 – 12/2

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Cash & Carry stores are located in Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho and Nevada. Go here to find a store near you.

We have started shopping at our local Cash & Carry lately. At first, it was for church supplies but now I go there for our bulk items too. They have weekly sales and are often cheaper than Costco and our other stores (though not always). They don’t carry much in the way of organics but they do carry a few things. They are geared for restaurants but you don’t need a membership to shop there.

Holiday Deals good until 11/21:

Broccoli Crowns 20 lbs – $13.98

Jumbo Red Onions 25 lbs – $7.98

Jumbo Yams 40 lbs – $15.98

Hot Sheet Deals for 11/19 – 12/2:

#2 Baker Potatoes 50 lbs – $6.95

Boneless/Skinless Chicken Thigh Meat 40 lbs – $51.60 (1.29 per lb)

Bob’s Red Mill Barley Flour 25 lbs – $15.45

Foster Farms Turkey Breast Select – $1.77 lb (avg of 9 lbs)

Jumbo Carrots 25 lbs – $7.98

Apples 5 lbs – Gala, Granny Smith, Red Delicious, Fuji – $3.85

Romaine Hearts 6 pk – $2.69

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